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Tuesday, September 15th, QBLabs CTO Molly Maskrey, at the Denver iOS Developers Meetup, presents her talk “Circuits to ChaCha”….bringing sensor orientation monitoring technology to something completely different, the world of ballroom dance. Rather than a dry, purely code-based talk, Molly’s discussion fuses the concrete with the abstract; combining MEMS sensors, Bluetooth Low Energy (BTLE), Swift, and WatchKit with the expressive art-form of dance allowing empirical performance measurement for what, today, is purely subjective. Not just a theoretical dialogue, Molly demonstrates her work using hardware and software she designed.


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About Us


Our Mission

Our vision is a world filled with active adults, unhindered by physical limitations due to age, injury or disease.

MovementTek (PATENT PENDING), a system of high-resolution sensor modules, captures accurate, precise spatial orientation and movement data in real-time through the use of integrated circuits and wireless communication.

MovementTek measures 9 axes of data through the integration of an accelerometer, magnetometer and gyroscope into an elegant and user-friendly mobile system of small clip-on sensor modules.
The MovementTek system provides a scalable and affordable tool for performance enhancement and injury prevention for professional, collegiate, high school and elite athletes. It enhances hospital in-patient post-surgery activity monitoring–the sensor modules easily attach to patients for convenient tracking of simple activities after surgical procedures.

In Action

Fitness trackers and activity monitors are designed for consumer use and do not provide sufficient detailed information to support accurate movement and gait analysis, as they primarily measure heart rate, steps and sleep cycles. Instrumented Gait Analysis (IGA) is well documented as a valuable tool in the evaluation of abnormal walking patterns for use in surgical and rehabilitative therapies. The limited availability of certified facilities (less than 40 in the US), and the high cost associated with high-resolution motion capture labs greatly reduce their use to many of the individuals who would benefit most. By developing high-resolution, low-cost mobile sensor systems, these limitations disappear.

Our goal is to design and implement deployable sets of high-resolution sensor modules to be placed at critical points on the patient’s body to collect information during everyday activities. By collecting data in the patient’s normal setting, not only can more information be gathered resulting in accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans, but uncertainties such as “laboratory gait” (an abnormal walking pattern found only in test situations) can be eliminated or calibrated out of the testing, helping to improve the evaluation effectiveness.

Untitled2By recording body motion through normal activities, these sensors generate a high volume of data for movements that are left, right, up, down, forward, backward, pitch, yaw and roll. Evaluating this actionable data in real-time can aid physical therapists and physicians design new courses of treatment, streamlining workflow, and improving patient outcomes and engagement.

Our unique Apple MFi (Made for iPod, iPhone and iPad) Manufacturing license and extensive sector expertise assures that we can implement Apple integrated systems for healthcare wearable technology with comparable speed and efficiency. Global Tek Labs remains current with all specifications and updates, and can quickly adapt products to changes in physical form factor.

Our technology provides a way to extend movement analysis services to more patients without requiring the creation of additional brick and mortar facilities. Using our local manufacturing ecosystem and key contacts for foreign scale-up, we can efficiently produce the whole range of necessary iterations from proof-of-concept, to minimally viable product, to 10,000+ unit final production runs.

Our Partners

Children's Hospital Colorado

Physical therapy clinics, occupational therapy clinics, in-patient rehabilitative services and sports medicine performance clinics will all benefit from deploying sets of sensor systems at a fraction of the cost of motion capture laboratory testing.

MovementTek is not a consumer product; our target customers are physical therapy clinics, sports medicine training facilities and hospital systems. The Center for Gait and Movement Analysis (CGMA) at Children’s Hospital Colorado, University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine, is a key partner and consultant in this study. They are one of 8 laboratories in the US accredited by the Commission for Motion Laboratory Accreditation. The development of a multi-sensor mobile system for Instrumented Gait Analysis is critical for the advancement of their therapeutic mission.



presented by The University of Northern Colorado

We are very excited to announce that we have won the 6th Annual Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge!

Thank you to The University of Northern Colorado and the Monfort College of Business for hosting us and the honor of attending this year’s competition! We’d also like to thank 9News for broadcasting the event.

“This has been a great educational process to go through, and one I highly recommend to every entrepreneur out there with a big dream,” said Jennifer Maskrey, founder and CEO of QB Labs. “The funds are making a huge impact on our company launch, giving us the power to hit the ground running at full speed.”

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Biz Girls is a dynamic, hands-on experience that takes the interests, skills and passions of young women and helps them to understand how their own unique strengths can be turned into a profitable business. By the end of the camp, each girl is the CEO of a real, operating business enterprise.

Along the way, girls have fun while learning about leadership, confidence, self-reliance and the principals of a market economy. These life long skills and self-perceptions are best established in the pre-college years when they can make the biggest difference.

The content includes a daily leadership segment using the Kouzes and Posner Leadership Challenge Format.  Girls will learn supply chain, pricing, markets and competition, web design, power point and public speaking, finances, e-commerce and marketing.

Girls are paired with mentors who are women leaders in the community.  The mentoring may extend beyond the dates of the program if the girl wants to continue with her business.

Biz Girls Camps 2015 will be held July 20-24 (Denver)

Molly Maskrey, QBLabs CTO, presents Keynote at TechrIoT Outburst Meetup.


After providing a broad overview of the IoT landscape in order to establish a common frame of reference for attendees, Ms Maskrey discussed how Apple’s new HomeKit feature fits into the IoT space providing several interesting demonstrations of HomeKit connectivity. Ms Maskrey’s talk focused on the key features of HomeKit, how it is viewed depending on your specific need (consumer, app designer, product developer), and why it is becoming a critical player in the Home Automation space within IoT. Molly’s demonstrations included a multi-axis sensor prototype of her own design, use of heterogeneous iOS apps to control HomeKit devices through the centralized, common database, and showing how Apple Watch can be used within HomeKit.



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