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The Technology

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Our microfluidics device is designed to analyse milk samples for somatic cell count (SCC) and bacterial proteins, in addition to antimicrobial resistance (AMR) proteins, and antibiotic residue. This advanced technology enables dairy farmers to make more informed decisions about their herd's health and milk quality.

The milk sample is analysed in-line for somatic cell count (SCC) using microfluidic technology. If the SCC count is below a threshold then no change or additional treatment is needed. The milk continues its normal process, flowing into the bulk tank.

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If the SCC count is above a threshold, the milk is diverted to a quarantine tank, to prevent contaminated milk from entering the bulk tank.

A small volume of the milk sample is diverted for further testing. The microfluidics device detects, and analyses bacterial proteins present in the milk. If any of these bacterial proteins are detected above a defined threshold, the result is positive.

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If a positive result is obtained, indicating the presence of bacterial proteins. This allows for targeted intervention to address the specific bacteria detected. Targeted antibiotic treatment becomes possible, depending on the type of bacteria identified in the milk sample.

Upon detection of specific bacterial strains, targeted antibiotic treatment can be administered to address the underlying infection.

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This tailored approach minimises the use of broad-spectrum antibiotics, reducing the risk of antimicrobial resistance and ensuring effective, economical treatment. By precisely targeting the identified bacteria, farmers can optimise treatment outcomes, promote animal health, and maintain milk quality standards.

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An interpretation algorithm is utilised to analyse multiple test results and generate an intended output message for the farmer. This ensures that farmers receive clear and actionable insights based on the test results, facilitating better decision-making regarding milk quality and herd health management.

Our microfluidics device represents a significant advancement in dairy farming technology, offering precise and rapid analysis of milk samples for SCC and bacterial proteins. By enabling more controlled antibiotic treatments and early detection of contaminants, it contributes to improved milk quality, animal welfare, and overall farm productivity.

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